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March 9, 2017, 6:30 pm - Southern California AWI Reception


Public Interest Investigations
304 Broadway, Suite 596
Los Angeles,CA 90013

Southern California Members (and any other members who happen to be in the area) are invited to theat the offices of Public Interest Investigations at the historic and beautiful Bradbury Building in Downtown Los Angeles. It will be an evening of food and drinks, conversation and networking. Free for members.

April 6, 2017, 7:30 am - Conversations With...Genie Harris

Western Justice Center Foundation
Maxwell House Dining Room
55 S. Grand Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105

The next in our Conversations With...series will be with Genie Harrison, highly respected Southern California employment lawyer. The topic of conversation? How trial attorneys use investigators' testimony and reports at trial. Our Conversations With...series allows you the opportunity to engage with individuals who have tremendous knowledge and experience in a small, intimate setting.

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72 Students Registered for Eight Consecutive Sold-Out AWI Institute

72 students are registered for the week-long AWI Training Institute in Monterey California, February 20-24, 2017. This is the eight consecutive sold-out session of the Institute since it began in 2012.

This year for the first time the Institute includes an assessment-based certificate program. The assessment, which will take place on Friday morning of the Institute, consists of a multiple choice knowledge test, a written analysis and report writing test, and an oral interviewing test. Students who achieve a passing score on all three tests will receive their certificate. AWI plans to seek accreditation of its new certificate program after the Monterey Institute.

AWI has developed the assessment tests over the past six months with the assistance of its highly qualified consultants. In preparation for teaching at this year's Institutes, in January AWI Institute faculty members will themselves be taking the certificate assessment tests, and also undergoing training in the updated Institute curriculum which faculty members have been preparing with the guidance of AWI's consultants.

The Monterey Institute was originally planned for 60 students. Because of the unprecedented demand for the Monterey Institute following the announcement of the new certificate program, AWI was able to make arrangements to expand the Monterey Institute to 72 students.

Although the Monterey Institute is sold out and has a waiting list, space is still available in AWI's other Institutes this year in May in Baltimore, Maryland, and in September in Austin, Texas. Space is more limited at the Baltimore and Austin facilities, so those Institutes will be limited to 60 students each. Early registration is currently underway for the Baltimore and Austin Institutes. Save $200 by registering early.

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2017 AWI Dues Increase


AWI has increased its standard membership dues from US$195 to US$225 a year effective January 1, 2017. For sustaining members the increase is from US$1000 to US$1500 a year. Standard dues for the Canadian and Australasian chapters, our newest components, will remain at US$195.

It’s about time. In 2017 we will offer seven Workplace Investigation Basics and Public Sector Investigation seminars in the US and Canada, three public sessions of our week-long Training Institute, enhanced with the addition of the new assessment-based certificate program, our popular annual conference, and numerous webinars. We have built up an impressive library of webinars and AWI Journal articles, and now offer live and recorded webinars free to members. In 2016 we filed an amicus curiae brief and prevailed in an important case which elevated the legal status of impartial workplace investigators. AWI is the organization leading the development of this rapidly growing field. And we have done this without a standard dues increase since January 1, 2014, three years ago. Income from dues has lagged behind the cost of member services and it’s time to catch up.

Sustaining member dues have not increased since AWI’s founding in 2009. As AWI has grown in stature and in membership, from 100 charter members in 2009 to over 750 members now, having a photo on the homepage and a biography visible to large number of visitors to AWI’s website has become invaluable. Sustaining members also receive a 50 percent discount on all AWI programs, except the Training Institute. And for organizations with more than one sustaining member, annual dues for the first sustaining member are US$1500, and for the organization’s other sustaining members are only US$750.

So celebrate AWI’s growth and impact, count the value you receive from your membership in this vibrant organization, and help AWI continue to build on the strong foundation its founders have laid. If you are already a member, renew or upgrade your membership today. And if you are not yet a member, please consider joining us.

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2017 Institutes2017 Training Institutes for Workplace Investigators

February 20-24, 2017 ♦ Monterey, California, USA
May 1-5, 2017 ♦ Baltimore, Maryland, USA

September 11-15, 2017 ♦ Austin, Texas, USA
A four-day course, and a half-day series of tests,
with a certificate for students who pass the tests.

Certificate Program Announcement
Certificate Program FAQ

In keeping with our mission to promote and enhance the quality of impartial workplace investigations, in 2017 we are presenting three sessions of our intensive Training Institute for Workplace Investigators, the gold standard in our industry. The Institute consists of four days of training, including 10 hours of small group sessions with our experienced faculty, and a half-day series of tests. Students who pass the tests will receive a certificate. The Institutes generally sell out, so register early.

2017 Certificate Institutes Tuition*
AWI Member Non-Member
Monterey Regular Registration
By December 31, 2016.
US$2,995 US$3,145
Monterey Late Registration
After December 31, 2016
US$3,195 US$3,345
Baltimore Early Registration
By January 31, 2017 with $500 Deposit


Baltimore Regular Registration
By March 31, 2017.


Baltimore Late Registration
After March 31, 2017


Austin Early Registration
By May 31, 2017 with $500 Deposit


Austin Regular Registration
By July 31, 2017.


Austin Late Registration
After July 31, 2017



*Tuition includes training and tests. Students who have attended a previous Institute may contact the AWI office for a 25% tuition discount code.

2017 Institute Registration Links:
The Monterey Institute is sold out. Sign up on Wait List
Baltimore Institute With $500 DepositBaltimore Institute With Full Payment
Austin Institute With $500 DepositAustin Institute With Full Payment
  • Hyatt Regency Monterey, 1 Old Golf Course Road, Monterey, CA 93940. $179 per night reservations or call (800) 233-1234
  • Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor, 300 Light St., Baltimore, MD 21202. $199 per night reservations or call (410) 528-1234
  • Doubletree Austin, 6505 Interstate Highway-35 North, Austin, TX 78752. $135 per night reservations or call (800) 347-0330

Curriculum Includes

  • Introduction
  • Understanding and Avoiding Bias in Investigations
  • The Law Governing Why, What, and How We Investigate
  • Identifying the Issues and Planning the Investigation
  • Evidence Theory and Practice in Workplace Investigations
  • Interviewing Witnesses in Workplace Investigations
  • Making Credibility Determinations
  • Achieving Excellence in Investigative Report Writing
  • Full Day Small Group Mock Investigation
  • Half Day Small Group Analysis and Report Writing Exercises
  • Ethical Issues for Attorneys, Private Investigators and Internal Investigators
  • Litigation and Other Events After the Investigation
  • Question and Answer Session

Monterey Faculty 

Nancy Bornn
Kevin Calder
Gary Edwards
Donna Evans
Sydney Howell
Emily Kaufer
Lynn Lieber
Amy Oppenheimer
Cara Panebianco
Stacey Perrin
Michael Robbins
Keith Rohman
Julie Yanow

Baltimore Faculty

Frank Cania
Britt Marie Cole-Johnson
Apryl Evans
Elizabeth Gramigna
Monica Jeffrey
Judy Mims
Reuben Mjaanes
Amy Oppenheimer
Michael Robbins
Keith Rohman
Alex Sperry

Austin Faculty (partial list)

Jeremy Eaves
Karen Kramer
Eli Makus
Vida Thomas
Sue Ann Van Dermyden
Susan Woolley

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2017 InstitutesAWI Launches Certificate Program for 2017 Training Institute


The Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) is launching its new assessment-based certificate program for its 2017 Workplace Investigations Training Institute (Institute). In 2017 AWI will have three Institute sessions: in Monterey, California in February; in Baltimore,  Maryland in May; and in Austin, Texas in September.

The Institute consists of four days of training and one-half day of tests. The tests will cover knowledge, interviewing, and analysis and report writing. Students who attend the Institute and pass the tests will receive a certificate.

The training and tests at the 2017 Institute will be a fully integrated certificate program. The four days of training will train the Institute students in the core knowledge and skills for workplace investigations. The tests will test the knowledge and skills taught in the training. And the certificate will document that the student has learned what has been taught at the Institute.

The certificate will have a designation and an acronym (initials) that the student will be able to place after the student's name to signify that the student has learned what has been taught at the Institute. AWI will be seeking accreditation of its certificate program from an internationally recognized accrediting body.

AWI is an international association of workplace investigators, founded in 2009. It currently has 750 members in the US and several other countries, with chapters in Canada and Australia.

The first session of the AWI Institute was in June, 2012. Since then AWI has conducted seven sessions of the Institute, at which a total of approximately 400 workplace investigators have been trained. Students who completed the 2012 through 2016 Institutes were awarded a certificate of completion, which has come to be recognized as as the gold standard for training in the rapidly growing and developing field of workplace investigations.

The new assessment-based certificate program will provide additional value to the Institute, because it will give students the opportunity to demonstrate that they have learned what has been taught at the Institute. The certificate program is being developed by AWI subject matter experts in collaboration with two highly qualified consultants.

As part of the process of preparing for accreditation, AWI has revised the Institute curriculum for 2017 to reflect best practices in training and education. While the Institute has always been committed to preparing students to successfully conduct workplace investigations, the commitment to continuous improvement led the Institute to effectuate changes that an outside accrediting body would be able to recognize as world class. This applies to the content, the activities, and the assessment that will lead to an internationally-recognized credential and designation.

Further information about the 2017 AWI Institutes and the new certificate program is available on the AWI website or by contacting AWI.

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